photos from our flight home and on the podium…..

posted by Candy

Apologies for the delay in posting these photos – combination of jet-lag, heavy cold and watching too much rugby yesterday!

Here are a few photos from our flight back to Heathrow –

Jane getting ready for a good sleep

Jane getting ready for a good sleep

Luke and Wayne enjoying lunch

Luke and Wayne enjoying lunch


family members enjoying the upgrade!

family members enjoying the upgrade!

and a few photos from the podium –

Wayne - slalom

Wayne – slalom

Elizabeth - Super G

Elizabeth – Super G

Robert - Slalom

Robert – Slalom

Clare - Super G

Clare – Super G

Jane - Super G

Jane – Super G

 Mikael - Super G

Mikael – Super G

Luke - Super G

Luke – Super G

A huge thank you to Alan who stood for more than 2 hours in the cold to take all the Super G podium photos for us.

And to all our families who supported us all throughout the Games




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Journey home

posted by Candy

We had a very early start from Alpensia on Wednesday 6th. It was snowing when we came back from the Closing Ceremony on Tuesday evening and the decision was made that our coach would leave for the airport at 2.30am instead of 3.45!! All the athletes had a short sleep but most of the coaches stayed up rather than having a few minutes sleep.

Good news when we checked in at Seoul – the whole team was upgraded to business class! This meant that we were all able to get some sleep on the flight and we arrived at Heathrow feeling ok. It was lovely to have families and members of staff from SOGB to greet us as we came through from customs. Many thanks to Clive Friend who was there to take photos as we arrived home.

I’ll post a few photos of our return journey later this morning.


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Final Day

Final day over…almost, only the closing ceremony left. We had the Slalom races today and everyone performed very well. Elizabeth brought another Gold home for the British Team, Robert and Jane also raised the bar and got Gold medal as well. Wayne did very well and managed to get silver, Mekael came forth Clare came 6th and Luke came 8th.

As families we have had an amazing week, we have watched our children represent their country and ski their hardest. We’ve made new friends and are taking home wonderful memories. We have been overwhelmed by the hours and effort that Keith,Shaun,Alex and Candy have put in to make this all possible for our kids and us.
Rob summed this up very well in his song, we have had a “trip of a lifetime”…
Over and out.
David, Frederick and Chloé
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A few words and pictures….

posted by Candy

We went to breakfast at 6.45 this morning to find Tim Shriver serving the sausages and eggs and Na Kyong Won (Chair of the Special Olympics WWG Organising Committee) arriving to eat breakfast with some of the athletes. Luke presented one of our WWG tea-towels to Na Kyong Won, and Robert gave one to Tim Shriver – both seemed delighted with our artistic efforts!

I managed to add a caption to the first photo but failed with the others! – they show Luke presenting a gift to Na Kyong Won, followed by lunch in the dome, a photo of our lunch box, and Mikael and Wayne giving neck massages!

Todays divisioning has been kinder to some athletes than others, but I know they will all do their best and that we will all be very proud of every one of our skiers.

We have a very busy day tomorrow so I may well struggle to post the results of our last race. You will be able to find the results on the WWG website.

Can’t believe that we’re so close to the end of the Games and that we’ll be back home on Wednesday – it will be a long day for us all as we’ll be leaving Alpensia at 3.45am!!

Robert presenting gift to Tim Shriver

Robert presenting gift to Tim Shriver

IMG_0300 IMG_0303 IMG_0304 IMG_0308

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Guess what these are..

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Day 7

Today we woke up to 30 cm of snow. Not quite perfect conditions for racing but it was very exciting for the families. Throughout the day the athletes competed in two division races to decide on the divisions of tomorrow, which proved very stressful for some family members. BUT… The little kebab shop down the hill kept everyone going, however there was a different man on charge today who didn’t quite have as much “pizzaz” as the original guy. During the day the conditions changed and by the afternoon it was “blowing a hooley” on the upper runs… Thankfully however the hot chocolates down at the bottom of the hill revived everyone and so we all had enough energy to cheer on the team members. A big day tomorrow though, races and a Closing Ceromony…

We would also like to say a huge “Thank You”  to Rob for everything he did to help the team and we are missing you greatly, our thoughts are with you…

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Day 6

posted by Fredrik, David and Chloe

We have just come back from the Giant Slalom Finals with a handful of medals, and we are covered in snow! Wayne recently recovered from being ill and managed to claim gold in his first race! The results are as followed: Wayne-Gold, Jane- Gold, Elizabeth-Silver, Robert-Silver, Clare-Bronze, Mikael-4th and Luke-7th. The GB girls commented: “We done well!” and the boys enthusiastically said: “We can do it again tomorrow!” All the parents are so proud of them, and they summarised the day well by saying: “All the athletes performed to their best and this was clear from the results”. Everyone has been overwhelmed by the great feeling of family and one parent commented : “All these families coming from all over the world has created a brilliant atmosphere in the Athletes Village”. Due to the long medal ceremony the family members have to go to the special Olympics dinner in their ski gear and are currently in the bar having a drink before hand. The athletes have just headed back for dinner after a long racing day! The snow is falling quickly so the snow conditions will be great tomorrow! We are so thankful for the cafe which is two minutes away from the racing slope for hot chocolate take aways! We just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to Candy, Keith, Shaun and Alex for everything they have done over the past year in preparing the athletes for the special Olympics and making this week the best week in their lives!Image

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Team GB Supporters

Team GB Supporters

Together We Can, The family members all supporting the GB team before the race with the Union Jack flag on the podium!

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Breakfast in the Convention Centre


Breakfast on Race Day

Breakfast on Race Day

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First day of Racing

posted by Candy

I thought I’d start with a few comments from our athletes about their first day of races –

Clare – it was good

Elizabeth – fantastic

Jane – I’m happy with being 6th

Robert – I’ve waited a long time for this – it was worth the wait.

Luke – I’m really enjoying everything.

Mikael – I love everything about the World Winter Games, and my bronze medal.

Wayne – Can’t wait to race tomorrow as part of the GB Team.

Alex – Fantastic racing by all the team – super effort.

Shaun – Great Team success today, what a fantastic day.

Keith – Wow – what a fantastic day and what a Team! Training and hard work has paid off.

Candy – I feel so proud of every one of our skiers – superb effort by you all.

Todays race was the Super G which is over just one run. This was held at 11.00 this morning – Award Presentation started soon after 12.00 and didn’t finish until well after 4.00!! We’re all looking forward to the GS race tomorrow and are hoping that the Awards Team will be running more smoothly by then.

Today has been a very special day for our families – their first experience of World Games competition and the wonderful atmosphere that goes with it. One of the family shots looked a bit like an advert for Kleenex tissues!!

I’ve left todays results until last because they really don’t seem to me to be the most important part of the day  – Clare, Mikael, Jane, Elizabeth, Luke, Robert, and Wayne have all skied exceptionally well and should all be feeling very proud of themselves this evening – I know that their families and coaches are.

The full list of results and times can be found on – but for those of you who would just like to see quickly how our skiers got on today here is a summary.

Clare – bronze medal
Elizabeth – gold medal
Jane – 6th place
Luke – 4th place
Mikael – bronze medal
Robert – silver medal
Wayne – unable to compete as he was unwell and had to miss the divisioning runs for this race – he did, however, do a very good divisioning run today for tomorrows GS race.

Rob has sadly had to return to the UK today – thank you Rob for doing such a brilliant job on our blog, and for all the other things that you’ve done to support our GB Team – we all look forward to seeing you again very soon.

I think that David and Chloe (Luke’s brother and sister) may well be ‘guest bloggers’ for us tomorrow, so please take a look again soon to see what we’ve all been doing on and off the slopes.

I’ll try to upload a few photos tomorrow


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