Ski Race Day Birmingham

By  Candy Wragg, Head of Delegation

It was good to see most of our 2013 GB Team skiers at the West Midlands Ski Race Day in Birmingham – unfortunately Wayne wasn’t able to be there due to work commitments, but everyone else was able to make it.

Supporters Ski Kit and GB Team tea-towels were given out as well as a bit of additional kit for our skiers.

Rob Powell (right in the photo below) made the journey to Birmingham by train and gave us the great news that CMS  Cameron McKenna had raised £11,000 towards the WWG13 GB Team costs at a raffle the previous evening – a huge thank you to everyone at CMS for supporting our skiers!

Rob Powell has raised money for our 2013 GB Team


About Special Olympics Great Britain

We are the country’s largest provider of year-round sports training and competition programmes for children and adults with learning disabilities. We are part of the Olympic Family, so we are usually mistaken with the Paralympic Games, but we are very different. Special Olympics involves more that just a few days of games once or twice a year. In reality, both sport training and competition happens throughout the year, every year. The Paralympic Games is for elite (professional) athletes only, whereas Special Olympics is open to all people with learning disabilities.
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