Counting Down…

By Candy Wragg, Head of Delegation

There are now just 32 days until we go to Pila and 76 days until the Opening Ceremony – so keep up the training and start counting down the days until we fly off to South Korea.

ITV are going to be filming Clare at The Ackers tomorrow (15 November)  for a feature that will be shown on their Midlands news programme -if I’m able to get a link for this I’ll post it on here so that you can all enjoy watching Clare in action.

If any of you would like to send Rob or me any news or stories that you would like to share on this WWG13 blog we will put them on for you.

Thank you Andrea for your patience this morning in talking me through how to post blogs and pictures on this site.

Special Olympics has taught me many things – conference calls and posting blogs via WordPress being two of the most recent!

Spuddy, our Team Mascot , is looking forward to going to his second World Winter Games – keep training Spuddy!!

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One Response to Counting Down…

  1. Andrea Zapata-Nalsen says:

    Lovely post Candy! It’s a pleasure for me to support you.
    I am already looking forward from more updates about the 2013 GB Team

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