A few words from Keith and Shaun

posted by Candy for Shaun and Keith

Great news that we have all that fresh snow in Pila. Just what we need to get ready for the competition in Korea which is looming ever nearer.

Keith and I are looking forward to a great training week, that we hope will be challenging and FUN!

We have asked Pila if we can use a more challenging area than we usually have access to, as this will be good for the development of the team. We are confident that we have a strong team who will benefit from using this race training piste, which is normally reserved for the use of the local race teams.

Shaun                                       aosta logo

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4 Responses to A few words from Keith and Shaun

  1. Steve Ratheram says:

    Enjoy it and show the world what can be achieved with hard work, dedication and practise. You are all fantastic ambassadors for team GB.

  2. Adrienne Purdie says:

    snow looks great – am so jealous would love to be there – have a great week.

  3. Steve Ratheram says:

    How is the Training going? Have you been able to train on the local’s race piste? Have we any surprises that you can share or will they be saved for when your safely back home, anyway keep trying any have fun

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