Tuesday 18th



Another good day of training.




Photos take ages to upload so we’ll post more later this evening.

Quote of the day from Elizabeth as we had dinner last night – looking out of the window  she said ‘there goes another Priest Basher’ – ( I suspect we will never call them piste bashers again!)

Great to see the photos of last nights recording session – thanks Rob.

This is what The Team have to say about todays skiing –
FAST (Wayne)
BRILLIANT (Elizabeth)
GOOD (Clare)
ANDY- haven’t fallen over yet!- SHAUN -I have!! (no injury Angela!!)

Thank you all for your comments – it’s great to have so much  support from back home.


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4 Responses to Tuesday 18th

  1. Steve Ratheram says:

    Great to hear about the fantastic time everyone is having, I see that Shaun is the only one trying from the falling down, can we hear from the backroom guy’s on how you are doing(Candy Keith) please

    Oh this one is strange (Andy) they found a bike saddle floating in outer space lol

  2. Andrea Zapata-Nalsen says:

    Hi team! I am loving your updates Candy and Rob. Thanks very much for your posts and the pictures. So much snow!… I wish I was there with you guys and not in my office working in the computer all day. ha ha!!

  3. Adrienne Purdie says:

    Thanks for the updates it’s good to hear how you are all getting on – conditions look fab. Love the Priest Basher comment. Got a text today from Luke’s college asking why he hadn’t turned up yesterday despite having sent an e-mail and recieved permission for him not to be there, so took great delight in texting back that he was on the ski slopes in Italy.

  4. Annette McCarthy says:

    Good to see the photos, you are certainly not short of snow!

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