Wednesday 19th

Posted by Candy

Another great day – sunshine all day and everyone training hard and having lots of fun!

Here is a message from Keith:

There’s been a big improvement today from all the skiers – I would like to thanks all the trainers from all the groups for all their hard work in preparing all our skiers. All the hard work is really paying off.

This morning Mathew Rose (National Grid volunteer) joined us – he’s been in France skiing since early December and today is the first day of sunshine that he’s seen!

The skiers will be back in about half an hour (I came back just after 3 to write this blog and to give my knee a break from skiing. As soon as they get in they’ll be putting on their racesuits for a group photo – so look out for this later on.

Shaun was preparing skis until nearly 1.00am this morning – possibly why they’ve all been skiing so well today. Andy got the prize for having the worst prepared skis that Shaun had to work on.

Tonight we’re going out for a meal at Chalet du Soleil.

Shaun at work

Shaun at work

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5 Responses to Wednesday 19th

  1. Steve Ratheram says:

    Well done team, can not wait for the team photo. I’m glad Shaun is getting practise in ski tuning we all need his help when he’s back, sorry to hear Andy had a duff ski tune tell Shaun to not use the hacksaw blade next time, great report Candy I hope the knee holds up, I did speak with Carol yesterday asking how you were doing. Bye for now Steve

  2. 424c says:

    Knee’s fine thanks Steve – it just knows it’s limitations! Shaun’s service of Andy’s skis was great, just the neglect of the past 4 years that wasn’t great – lots of rust on the edges!

  3. Jim Purdie says:

    Keith, thanks to you and Shaun for all the work.

  4. FLEUR O'DONOHUE says:


  5. FLEUR O'DONOHUE says:


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