Thursday 20th January

posted by Candy

Andy left us early this morning – we looked after him well Em!

Today we have been training on a steeper slope on a GS course set by Keith.

At lunchtime all the athletes told me what they would like to add to this post –

Wayne – course much faster today – really enjoyed the steep slope.

Jane – race course challenging but liked going really fast.

Luke – I feel I’ve really improved – good snow all week.

Clare – my best day so far.

Mikael – exhilerating skiing and lots of fun.

Elizabeth – Enjoyed it – fantastic.

Robbie – I liked the harder course today – I nearly skiied into Keith when he was taking photos (not a great idea Robbie!)

Scruffy (Carole’s dog) – Woof!

Matt – I feel really proud to have skied with such a great group of skiers who will be representing Great Britain at the World Winter Games next year (we’ve really enjoyed having you with The Team for the last 2 days Matt – and will miss you when you head back to Val d’Isere later today)

Shaun – the athletes all performed really well on the steeper race piste today.

Candy and Keith – all the skiers are getting on really well, and there is a tremendous team spirit between them. They all help each other and encourage each other. They no longer need any help from us to put on ski boots every morning.

Keith has taken photos of our skiers Race Faces today – photos will be posted later.



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One Response to Thursday 20th January

  1. Steve Ratheram says:

    Well done team and that’s to everyone, I feel proud to be a part of such a fantastic group that are achieving so much.

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