Keith’s end of week report

WOW what a week and what a great team
Everyone has done so well, lots of improvement from all the skiers and looking good for Korea.
We have trained on a new area for the past two days and pushed the athletes hard.
They have all skied really hard and worked together as a team and we have a great team spirit.
We are ready to show the world how good Team GB is and how well all of our skiers and trainers have worked to develope our sport over the past few years.
Well done athletes and thanks to Candy, Alex and Shaun for all thier help and support.

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2 Responses to Keith’s end of week report

  1. Steve Ratheram says:

    Keith thankyou for giving our atheletes the best possible chance and thanks to all the backroom staff out there, missing you all come home safe and sound

  2. robp27 says:

    Brilliant news – bring on South Korea and Merry Christmas! xxx

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