Last day of training in Pila

posted by Candy

Beautiful sunny day. We spent the morning training on the steeper race piste again – everyone is doing really well and there has been some great skiing throughout the week.

Fall of the Week – I was winning this with an impressive (but painless) fall yesterday (double forward somersault with both skis flying off!) – Matt awarded me a score of 8.5 for it but one or two of the athletes seem to be determined to beat my score today! We had some new snow yesterday and last night so there was plenty of powder snow this morning. Jane and Elizabeth both managed to topple into deep powder – they were both covered in powder snow from head to toe!

Carole posted some photos of our skiers onto her facebook page yesterday – if you go to Pilaski Facebook and click on photos you should see them all.

The last run each day is called the Hot Chocolate Run – stopping at the same mountain restaurant each day (halfway down La Nouva chair for those of you who know Pila) before skiing back to the hotel.

Early start tomorrow – we’ll be heading back to Turin airport at 7.00am.

Thank you all for following this blog during our training week.

Happy Christmas to you all


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2 Responses to Last day of training in Pila

  1. Adrienne Purdie says:

    sounds like you’ve had an amazing time – sun and powder! Thanks for all you guys have done this week. Looking forward to having Luke home tomorrow – then we’ll be ready for Christmas

  2. Steve Ratheram says:

    Great skiing was had by all and your coming home with all your bits still on, well done everyone

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