Tales from Korea #2

I thought I would treat you all to not one, but two very special performances…

First up is a performance by the Special Olympics New Zealand team of the Haka which was absolutely amazing. The guys done this just after dinner on our second night and it was incredible. See for yourself…

As a thank you, we promised to perform ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ for them in return. After two practice runs (which sounded bloody brilliant I should add) in my room, we went out and did it for the New Zealand team in the corridor. See the video below…

For those of you who haven’t heard the recorded version of ‘Trip of a Lifetime’, I’ve included it in this entry for your convenience.

On a final note, we have some BIG news to tell you but you’ll have to wait until later in the week to find out…




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3 Responses to Tales from Korea #2

  1. Steve Ratheram says:

    Good Luck for Tomorrow everyone and enjoy the show, I will be looking to see if I can see anyone.
    Candy hope you got some better sleep, I did have a wicked thought, you could always of joined them on the slope at 05:30 am, anyway catch you all later

  2. Kate Whitehead (Jane's sister) says:

    STILL humming “Trip of a Lifetime”. Love it!

  3. Gill Fuller says:

    loved the haka.. and the ‘trip of a lifetime’ …. as always love watching you sing Jane!!

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