First day of Racing

posted by Candy

I thought I’d start with a few comments from our athletes about their first day of races –

Clare – it was good

Elizabeth – fantastic

Jane – I’m happy with being 6th

Robert – I’ve waited a long time for this – it was worth the wait.

Luke – I’m really enjoying everything.

Mikael – I love everything about the World Winter Games, and my bronze medal.

Wayne – Can’t wait to race tomorrow as part of the GB Team.

Alex – Fantastic racing by all the team – super effort.

Shaun – Great Team success today, what a fantastic day.

Keith – Wow – what a fantastic day and what a Team! Training and hard work has paid off.

Candy – I feel so proud of every one of our skiers – superb effort by you all.

Todays race was the Super G which is over just one run. This was held at 11.00 this morning – Award Presentation started soon after 12.00 and didn’t finish until well after 4.00!! We’re all looking forward to the GS race tomorrow and are hoping that the Awards Team will be running more smoothly by then.

Today has been a very special day for our families – their first experience of World Games competition and the wonderful atmosphere that goes with it. One of the family shots looked a bit like an advert for Kleenex tissues!!

I’ve left todays results until last because they really don’t seem to me to be the most important part of the day  – Clare, Mikael, Jane, Elizabeth, Luke, Robert, and Wayne have all skied exceptionally well and should all be feeling very proud of themselves this evening – I know that their families and coaches are.

The full list of results and times can be found on – but for those of you who would just like to see quickly how our skiers got on today here is a summary.

Clare – bronze medal
Elizabeth – gold medal
Jane – 6th place
Luke – 4th place
Mikael – bronze medal
Robert – silver medal
Wayne – unable to compete as he was unwell and had to miss the divisioning runs for this race – he did, however, do a very good divisioning run today for tomorrows GS race.

Rob has sadly had to return to the UK today – thank you Rob for doing such a brilliant job on our blog, and for all the other things that you’ve done to support our GB Team – we all look forward to seeing you again very soon.

I think that David and Chloe (Luke’s brother and sister) may well be ‘guest bloggers’ for us tomorrow, so please take a look again soon to see what we’ve all been doing on and off the slopes.

I’ll try to upload a few photos tomorrow


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9 Responses to First day of Racing

  1. Steve Ratheram says:

    What a Team, great results and well done for trying, keep the big smiles going

  2. Judy Way says:

    Well done to everyone – great racing. I am so enjoying hearing all about your time in South Korea and wish I was with you. Glad to hear you are back on the snow Wayne. Have a great day tomorrow.
    Love & High Fives to all

  3. gayebarber says:

    So proud of each and every one of you and I’ve been thinking of you all out there having your Trip of a Lifetime! Candy, Keith, Alex and Sean I know you will have all been working tirelessly to give the team a wonderful experience both on and off the slopes but I’m sure it’s all worth it! Enjoy the next few days and we look forward to hearing all about it when you come home.

  4. Kate Whitehead says:

    Thank you for the update. Well done GB team, incredibly proud of you all, especially my wonderful little Sis, Jane! The support from all your friends at home is amazing. You’ll have to spend time when you get home looking at the many messages of support on Facebook! Hope you all have a great day tomorrow too, particularly you, Wayne!!! Been thinking about you all day Rob, ever since my parents said that you’d had to come home. Thank you so much for all you’ve done (Jane’s talked about you loads!)
    Kate x

  5. Kate Whitehead (Jane's sister) says:

    Hi! Not sure if I posted an earlier reply properly… If I did, sorry to duplicate but just wanted to make doubly sure that I’d said WELL DONE to everyone. So proud, especially of my little Sis, Jane- you wouldn’t believe how amazingly supportive everyone is being back here at home, you’ll have to spend some time looking through the many lovely facebook messages people have sent you! Hope you all have a good day tomorrow, particularly you, Wayne! I’ve been thinking about you all day, Rob, ever since my parents told me this morning that you’ve had to come home. Thank you SO much for all you’ve done for the team (Jane has talked about you a lot!), and for your wonderful blog entries. It’s enabled all of us back home to feel a lot more involved, thank you! Kate x

  6. robp27 says:

    Wow! Amazing! I’m so proud of each and everyone of you. What a fantastic start. You are all superstars and should feel on top of the world – because you are!

    Can’t wait to see you and hear all about it!


  7. Jane & Richard says:

    Heartfelt Congratulations to all you amazing athletes. Jane & Wayne we are really looking forward to hearing about all your experiences when we see you next. You are all awesome.

    Richard, Jane , Clem & Luca ( Bowles & Bromley friends)

  8. Kelly (Elizabeth's Cousin) says:

    Fantastic results, wishing the best of luck to the whole team for their upcoming events but would like to especially congratulate Elizabeth on achieving the first gold medal for Team GB, what a fantastic achievement!!!! All of your family in Llanelli are very proud of you Liz, well done and good luck xx

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