Day 6

posted by Fredrik, David and Chloe

We have just come back from the Giant Slalom Finals with a handful of medals, and we are covered in snow! Wayne recently recovered from being ill and managed to claim gold in his first race! The results are as followed: Wayne-Gold, Jane- Gold, Elizabeth-Silver, Robert-Silver, Clare-Bronze, Mikael-4th and Luke-7th. The GB girls commented: “We done well!” and the boys enthusiastically said: “We can do it again tomorrow!” All the parents are so proud of them, and they summarised the day well by saying: “All the athletes performed to their best and this was clear from the results”. Everyone has been overwhelmed by the great feeling of family and one parent commented : “All these families coming from all over the world has created a brilliant atmosphere in the Athletes Village”. Due to the long medal ceremony the family members have to go to the special Olympics dinner in their ski gear and are currently in the bar having a drink before hand. The athletes have just headed back for dinner after a long racing day! The snow is falling quickly so the snow conditions will be great tomorrow! We are so thankful for the cafe which is two minutes away from the racing slope for hot chocolate take aways! We just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to Candy, Keith, Shaun and Alex for everything they have done over the past year in preparing the athletes for the special Olympics and making this week the best week in their lives!Image

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10 Responses to Day 6

  1. Maureen Cottrell says:

    Well done everyone. Great results! We are all very proud of you back at home. Love from the Cottrell family xxx

  2. Kate Whitehead (Jane's sister) says:

    Hi! The media here in The south east would like to interview Jane is there a number they can contact Candy on? Thanks x

    • 424c says:

      I think you need to wait until Jane gets back home for this as we have a very busy schedule over the next couple of days and with the time difference it would be difficult.

      • Karen Wallin says:

        Absolutely fantastic news! Well done everyone and I am sure Wayne is so pleased too after having to miss his first race due to illness! We are very proud of you all !! Karen

    • Karen Wallin says:

      Hello Kate please can you liaise with Chris Hull SOGB Comms who can help set up interviews and respond to media enquiries? Ideally we want to try and get media to the airport to welcome the team back too? Please email thank you and look forward to the Courier doing a big front page spread on Jane!! 🙂

  3. M Payne says:

    wow congratulations Wayne and Jane, very well deserved Love Lauren and all the Paynes x x

  4. Murton Mann says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to everyong! We are loving the results, the stories and the especially the fact that everyone is having such a great time!!!

  5. Charlotte Cox says:

    Well done to all of the team we are very proud of you all
    Sonia and Charlotte Cox

  6. Andy Heffer says:

    Brilliant – well done everybody!

  7. Ashley Hewitt says:

    Absolutely fantastic gang! Keep up the excellent work and show everyone what Team GB is made of!!!

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