A few words and pictures….

posted by Candy

We went to breakfast at 6.45 this morning to find Tim Shriver serving the sausages and eggs and Na Kyong Won (Chair of the Special Olympics WWG Organising Committee) arriving to eat breakfast with some of the athletes. Luke presented one of our WWG tea-towels to Na Kyong Won, and Robert gave one to Tim Shriver – both seemed delighted with our artistic efforts!

I managed to add a caption to the first photo but failed with the others! – they show Luke presenting a gift to Na Kyong Won, followed by lunch in the dome, a photo of our lunch box, and Mikael and Wayne giving neck massages!

Todays divisioning has been kinder to some athletes than others, but I know they will all do their best and that we will all be very proud of every one of our skiers.

We have a very busy day tomorrow so I may well struggle to post the results of our last race. You will be able to find the results on the WWG website.

Can’t believe that we’re so close to the end of the Games and that we’ll be back home on Wednesday – it will be a long day for us all as we’ll be leaving Alpensia at 3.45am!!

Robert presenting gift to Tim Shriver

Robert presenting gift to Tim Shriver

IMG_0300 IMG_0303 IMG_0304 IMG_0308

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6 Responses to A few words and pictures….

  1. John (as in candiaand) says:

    Enjoy your last day with not only races but the closing ceremony as well!!
    Good to see you have diminished the tea towel stock to such prestigious recipients (I trust they were also given pin badges!).
    Your lunch looks interesting, breakfast sausages sounds much better medal food (hint,hint).
    Just do your best, it’s the taking part that counts, you are all having a fanastic experience.
    Even if we don’t hear from you we will still be at Heathrow at 2pm tomorrow to welcome you home.

  2. Kate Whitehead (Jane's sister) says:

    Hey! Make the most of your last day. How sad that your trip of a lifetime is nearly over. But I’m so excited that we’ll be seeing you all very soon and hearing about it all first hand. Hopefully I’ll get to watch some of the closing ceremony… You wouldn’t believe how excited I was to discover, whilst I was walking round the supermarket, that I was able to watch the opening ceremony on my iPhone…I didn’t have my earphones with me so had it on top volume!!! And then showed everyone I bumped into (which was quite a few people as I wasn’t concentrating on where I was going!). Have an absolutely wonderful day and just do your best, that’s all that matters. Every one of you is a true star, I have a lot of admiration for you and all your hard work. Well done.

  3. Ashley Hewitt says:

    I think you have all done a fantastic job team!!!

  4. Jon clarke says:

    Your all doing yourselves, your families and all your friends proud. We all wish you the best of luck with the little time left on your trip of a lifetime and in everything else you do in your lifetimes. All the competitors, coaches, volunteers and everyone else involved have done a fantastic job.
    Well done team GB

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