Final Day

Final day over…almost, only the closing ceremony left. We had the Slalom races today and everyone performed very well. Elizabeth brought another Gold home for the British Team, Robert and Jane also raised the bar and got Gold medal as well. Wayne did very well and managed to get silver, Mekael came forth Clare came 6th and Luke came 8th.

As families we have had an amazing week, we have watched our children represent their country and ski their hardest. We’ve made new friends and are taking home wonderful memories. We have been overwhelmed by the hours and effort that Keith,Shaun,Alex and Candy have put in to make this all possible for our kids and us.
Rob summed this up very well in his song, we have had a “trip of a lifetime”…
Over and out.
David, Frederick and Chloé
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7 Responses to Final Day

  1. Maureen Cottrell says:

    Congratulations to you all, we’ll done! Safe trip home for a well earnt rest!!! All the best love from the Cottrell family xxx

  2. Judy Way says:

    Amazing results from you all – CONGRATULATIONS we are so proud. Enjoy the closing ceremony. Love from all the South East Ski Group.

  3. Steve Ratheram says:

    Posted on my BF page, Safe Journey home all.
    Special Olympics Alpine Skiing World Games South Korea This is unofficial,
    Our Tally of Medals Well done Clare, Jane, Elizabeth, Wayne, Luke, Robert, Mekael, Fantastic results through hard work and effort
    Gold 5
    Silver 4
    Bronze 3
    Steve Ratheram, Special Olympics Ski Instructor, CSIA Instructor, Father to Three Grandfather to Ten nearly Eleven

  4. John (as in candiaand) says:

    So well done to everyone!!
    Make sure you celebrate well at the closing ceremony and have a good sleep on the way home (ready for work on Thursday!).
    If I get the day right I’ll be at the airport! 🙂

  5. Jane Friend says:

    Congratulations to Team GB on your medal haul! Well done to everyone! Safe journey home, Love from Special Olympics Surrey and especially the ski group, who have been avidly following your blog!

  6. Jackie Hobbs says:

    well done every one have loved reading reports. A brilliant team effort. Hope to see photos when I am next in Kent. Jackie Hobbs

  7. Kate Whitehead (Jane's sister) says:

    Can’t wait to see you all later at Heathrow!!!
    Kate x

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